I wonder how it feels to kiss Shatta Wale who has some really yellow teeth – Blogger

Sena Quahie

Blogger, Sena Quashie seem to be worried about the colour of Dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale’s teeth and how it feels when his wife kisses him.

In a post on twitter, Sena Quashie quizzed “Is it just me or does Shatta Wale have some really yellow teeth? David, please ask Shatta Michy how it feels when they kiss”.

Shatta Wale has on several occasions been seen kissing his wife publicly and they both seem to enjoy their teeth so it is unclear why the Blogger took interest in the teeth and how it feels to kiss him.

Shatta Wale on Saturday thrilled patrons at the Ghana meets Naija show and was crowned the best performer on the night.

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