I don’t give fish, I teach you how to fish – Yvonne Nelson’s reply to a fan who asked for money for his kid brother’s school fees

Yvonne Nelson

With the advent of social media, celebrities have the opportunity to discuss issues with their followers and also encourage them to work for the ultimate.

One celebrity who takes advantage of social media is Yvonne Nelson. Through social media, she organised a march against ‘dumsor’ which had caused the country a very great deal.

In other parts of the world, some celebrities have helped their followers in diverse ways to get them out of problems especially the ones created by lack of finance.

Yesterday, a follower of actress Yvonne Nelson asked for help from her to settle the school fees of his kid brother or he stays away from school due to his inability to pay.

The actress who is known to empower greatness replied the follower that she does not give out money but rather empower people for greatness so if he is ready, he should pass by her office.

” I don’t share money on SM, I empower talented people. Pass through my office at east legon if you’ve got it. My last 6 projects are proof.”

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