Ghana music trailing to Nigerian music – George Britton

George Britton

Founder of George Britton LLC, George Britton has thrown in the towel and given the indication that Ghanaian music has lost the battle to Nigerian music.

His basis for the above conclusion is the fact that Brands are signing Nigerian artistes rather than Ghanaian acts in order to gain influence in both Ghana and Nigeria.

In a post on Facebook admitting defeat of Ghana music, the artiste manager mentioned that “Brands are signing Nigerian artistes to target both the Ghanaian and Nigerian market. Why sign a Ghanaian artiste whiles the Nigerians have equal influence in Ghana?

He, however, is of the belief that the country’s music industry needs to sit, regroup and come back strong to gain relevance in Africa and the world in general.
” Folks we’ve lost the battle, let’s regroup and revive our creative art industry. #GhanaMusic #unitedwebuild”.”

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