Four talking points from Talented Kidz season 8

Talented kids

TV 3 has run its Talented Kidz show for 8 seasons, however, the show has never received the attention it received this year.

This, is not because the previous shows lacked talents but because this year’s kids were very different in their own way and went the extra mile to blow the minds of people to win their admiration.

I followed this year’s program closely and made these observations which I think is worth sharing.

First, in Ghana, most parents see giving their children the opportunity to grow their innate abilities as ‘spoiling’ the child. These conservative parents lock their children up behind their books and this lowers the confidence of the kids. The talents of these kids are never discovered. However, from the display of kids in the Talented Kidz, it has placed a call on the Ghanaian parents to expose their children through mind devevlop. Exposing your child to the world will boost his/her confidence and can make the individual not only successful in his /her education but also make good gains from her talent.

Secondly, people living with a disability in Ghana should forget about feeling inferior for the days of Stigmatization is long over. They should hold on to their armour like Christian Morgan did to win the hearts of many. Talent is talent and regardless of the physical ability or disability, let winning be your mentality and you will move mountains.

Third, NAQUEL gave me a clear indication that highlife is still the most enjoyed music genre in the country. NAQUEL brought some rejuvenated lifewhen they performed songs of legends like Dr. Paa Bobo. They gave a clear indication the if the current crop of highlife artistes should add a little bit of creativity and Ghanaians will accept and jam to their songs like they did when NAQUEL performed at Talented kids.

Fourth, every individual who watched the show complained bitterly about the MC throughout the competition. I for one, I believe people should be given chances to really try hard next time.

All in all, this year’s show exposed some talents to the world who are ready to change the statusquo and ensure that their innate abilities do not ‘evaporate’ into thin air but use them to change the world.

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