Fashion 101: Take a cue from the fashion sense of these 5 female celebrities

Berla Mundi

Its been long since we took a stroll through the Instagram pages of our favourite celebrities to check out the glitz and glamour of their lives so today, I took a ‘walk’ through some Instagram pages top check out their style and I came out with these lovely photos. 

1. Jackie Appiah

The actress is one of the best exports in the country. She has style and she did not disappoint this week with her choice of dress. And her smile was just infectious.

Jackie Appiah

2. Vica Michaels 

The award wining model stepped out looking smart and very casual in a white shirt over a jeans trouser. She represents class and her taste for the best when it comes to fashion glowed.

Vica Michaels

3. Emelia Brobbey

She says she does not like the word Kumawood. She defies the tag and looks good whenever she wants to. She is just a queen in her own regard and she glows like a candle light.

Emelia Brobbey

4. Berla Mundi

The Radio and TV personality has always looked dapper in every dress she finds herself in. What intrigues us is her love for the African print and she is tasty in them too.

Berla Mundi

5. That Ghanaian Diva

Her Instagram name is that Ghanaian Diva but she is known as Kofi Adjorlolo’s ‘energy drink’. Her choice of black over a yellow skirt struck some drive in me. She looked dapper as she displayed her beautiful legs.


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