CELEB HACKING: How Ghanaian celebs can prevent hackers from hacking their accounts

D Cryme

D Cryme’s Instagram account was hacked for almost a month and the hackers were using his account to sell Kylie Jenner’s lip gloss.

This is what happens when our celebs are always interested in INVISIBLE social media followers.

My web developer always says: “Mawuli, no hacker can hack your account if they don’t have any details about your account. If you show them your password or credentials, they can hack but if you protect, there’s no way they can hack.”

So, how do our celebs give hackers their credentials and get their accounts hacked?

 Afia Schwarzenegger  was also a victim of hackers

It’s simply the hunger for social media fame instead of valuable and real fame. Everyone wants to have 100k followers without considering the repercussions.

Most hackers are expert developers and they hack accounts by designing duplicitous apps that promise users of ‘FAKE’ followers. Some of these apps can promise users 1,000 followers a day and since our celebs are madly in need of followers, they will give them access and eventually lose their accounts to them.

If you are a Ghanaian artiste with 100k IG or Facebook followers and 100 of them cannot afford tickets to attend your concert, then what type of followers do you have? Ghosts fans or what?

I know about 2 top artistes who have over 4 million social media followers combined but if Shatta Wale, Fancy Gadam or Maccasio, who have less than that figure organise a concert at the stadium, a huge number of fans would turn up.

Pappy Kojo also had his Instagram account hacked last year

Let’s learn to gain commercially valuable fans than ‘FAKE’ fans. Drop more hits, work hard and make time to engage your followers, and you will win commercially valuable fans.

The ‘whites’ are smart and they know that Africans are interested in flashy stuff so they easily get us. If you have authorised suspicious apps on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, please evoke them NOW. Be wise!!!

PS: I didn’t say D Cryme uses fake apps to gain followers. I am just alerting our artistes on the dangers of these enticing apps.

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