An epistle to Moesha Buodong: Don’t you think we are tired of the nudity?



So in the early days of this year, I had followed Moesha Boudong and realized she was covering up her body with the choice of dresses she wore.

I concluded that indeed change had come and my sister had turned a new life and was ready to embrace the opportunities that have come her way in order to build a good reputation.

I was actually happy because now, the dynamic nature of our culture was not going to be negative but rather on a positive one.

However, not long after my observation, my sister Moesha disappointed me when she said on pulse TV that she had seen princess shyngle’s racy pictures and was assuring her that she will break the internet in the coming days.

In a matter of days, she released these picture which were in themselves looking hungry. Hungry because they did and could not achieve the purpose it was meant for. Her suit she used were tight, too tight that you could see her struggle in them.

Really, I was shocked. Is that how immoral our country has become just because of the advent of social media? I asked myself.

Ghana is a country built out of our traditions and cultures that frown on nakedness. Ladies are expected to coverup and look decent wherever they find themselves.

Yes, I agree that culture is dynamic and changes with time. However, the dynamic nature of culture does not give room for things that are soo not Ghanaian.

Some may argue that the Kardashians did same and they are celebrated so what stops these “Instagram girls” from doing same?. My answer has always been that they are from two different cultures and copying the bad aspect of someone’s culture should be the last thing you should ever think of.

We as a country should focus building a generation that is ready to challenge the status quo and make the best out of our brains than feed on the fact that Ghanaians are growing to love “sex appealing bodies”.

Let’s see what your brain brings to the table, build a legacy with your brain that when you are no more, the country will proud to mention you. Don’t build a legacy where porn stars will use you for advertising their blogs and you will come crying.

Yes! We know God has blessed you with the looks, the edges and the boobs but what will the next generation remember you with?  That’s supposed to be the priority.

From a concerned brother with love from the North of Ghana.


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