An epistle of an SHS graduate


As I write this epistle, the last batch of Senior High School students have written their last paper and are readying for the life ahead of them with high hopes and great expectations of a better and fulfilling life after school.

Plans to make the stay and wait for your results are enormous and the happenings, I must say, some fulfilling, some drag your dreams or tarnish your image real bad that may take time to recover.

Certainly, I may be an old school considering the fact that I left the schooling scene some years back and will really not know what kids of today may be interested in, but surely, I know for sure some things that run through all generations and will certainly happen in 21st century Ghana.

After Senior High School, in some families you will be celebrated whiles in others you are treated like an ordinary BECE candidate because they have seen people who have achieved better “laurels”.

Now, to our subject matter. Being early days after your final paper, you will, both male and female take no chances when it comes to  rest your head certainly for the stress you had to go through and burning the night candle. That feeling of being a grown up will keep you in your bed till say maybe 10 am before you wake up to undertake your morning chores and ooo if you have kid siblings, you will expect them to do all that while you enjoy your bed. Funny enough, since you are a graduate, your parents may spur you on because like it is said, “it’s not easy to complete school”.

The churchy ones will want to remain relevant in church by taking up some responsibilities in church in order to vibe with their maker and also earn the respect of church member and elders alike but for the party rats, they will “Log Out”, Get “Unplugged”, “Break from Prison” and enjoy whatever parties they hear of. They make new friends from these parties and  become the “toast of many” who think they are cool people. Through their love for parties, they may develop the habit of drinking, smoking, sniffing and the like. If they are ladies, their drive for sex may be charged and hmmm! They become that area girl who shares the thing like Akufo-Addo ‘ s promises “one this one that”.

After Senior High School, if a lady was dating her mate, certainly there will be a breakup. She will be approached by the University guys who she will feel proud to visit in school and ooo trust the uni boys to make you feel on top of the world. They will give them the best treatment they have never had before that they will forget that they used to date a “small boy”.

After staying away from the almighty sex for three years and enduring the pain of you cumin, some ladies who think completing SHS means Safe Hour Sex will break their virginity because after all they are now “Big girls”. They will certainly visit their “boyfriends” who will hold their this thing and ignite some drive in them and pa! The hymen is gone forever. For the guys, those John boys will want a swing of their waist which may give them a certificate even before their results are out.
However, every SHS student does not forget to pray for God to release him or her from the ugly claws of grade D and ensure that he/she moves on to the tertiary level. Regardless of the bad stuff some do, they certainly remember to say a prayer to God for his favour in the sight of some Examiner who may have drunk some Happy man bitters before sitting behind their paper.

Leaving SHS is a life time experience because this is where your life begin and the choices you make after this period will play very important roles in your life.

We will certainly bring you the epistle of an SHS graduate after the results are released by the West African Examination Council and Chale you just gauge the sudden change.

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