#VGMA Rapper of the year: 5 rappers who have gained nominations over the years but have failed to win

FlowKing Stone

Vodafone Ghana music awards is eighteen years this year and that is such as great feat to achieve in a country where most people feel cheated every time there is an award and it does not go their way.

Well, the award scheme has grown and developed a thick skin such that they don’t give a pin about whatever any artiste who feels cheated thinks.

With the awards, there are several competitive categories been competed for by several artistes and one of the categories which is keenly contested for every year is the Best Rapper of the year award.

However competitive, there are some artistes who have earned nominations for this category but have failed to win the award and that’s what we intend tackling today.
1.    Omar Sterling: He is known as Paedae in the showbiz industry. Omar Starling is the half of music group R2bees who have made Ghana proud beyond the shores of the country. Omar has received nominations for Rapper of the year but has never won the coveted award. What even hurt most was in 2016 when he was sure of picking the award but got swerved.

2.    Guru: Rapper Guru has also o several occasions been nominated for the Best Rapper of the year category but has failed to win the category. Guru earned nomination 2015 and even in 2014 but failed to win the category.

3.    FlowKing Stone: One of the guy from Kumasi who has not won the Rapper of the Year category before. Stone, although have gained several nominations including 2016, is yet to win the category.

4.    Edem: The Ayigbe rapper has also been nominated for the category over the years, however, he has failed to be crowned the champion of the rap category. Edem gained nomination for the category in 2015, 2013 and other years but has failed to make the mark.

5.    Asem: Although he came into the music scene with some fire, Asem has never been able to win the best rapper of the year category. Asem got nominated in 2013 but failed to make the mark to win that edition of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.
This year’s edition is the eighteenth year of Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, the most trusted music awards in the country at the moment and it promises to thrilling and insightful with new innovations and timeliness.

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