MUSIGA chided for not joining fight against Galamsey

Kwame Dadzie

Entertainment Journalist and music critic, Kwame Dadzie has lambasted Musician Association of Ghana (MUSIGA) for not helping in the fight against Galamsey which is currently ongoing in the country.

MUSIGA has in time past produced songs by bringing artistes together to fight for several social courses including peace, hunger and certain negative traditional practises.

But although there is a campaign currently going on against Galamsey in the country, the Association seem unconcerned as it has not shown any effort of joining the campaign.

In a post on his Facebook wall, Kwame Dadzie expressed his shock at the utter disregard of the campaign by MUSIGA; an association which has the potential of helping in the figh against Galamsey.

He posted “MUSIGA is waiting for somebody to die before they do an all-stars song.By now they should have released a song to help fight the galamsey menace. Well, maybe they don’t think any musician can be affected by galamsey activities. Or they enjoy singing dirges more than songs that will prevent the deaths. Ok. bye”.

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