I am here to stay not for “queendoms” in Dancehall – Ebony Reigns


Musician,  Ebony reigns has said she is not in the music game to claim a “queendom” but to make money and stay relevant. 

The issue of who is the queen of Dancehall in Ghana has been topical with several women in dancehall claiming the title. 

But in an interview with Delay on ‘The Delay’ show on GHOne TV Ebony Reigns has said she is not in the game for titles but rather the money and also to stay relevant for as long as she can.

According to her, the queens and kings who have kingdoms can be overthrown anytime and she is not ready to be forgotten in the music industry.

“They should take the queendoms because that won’t give me food to eat and put money on the table. I am here to stay and would not want my ” queendom” taken. “

The musician known for her seductive stagecraft mentioned that althouh she looks up to Kaakie as a source of inspiration, she believes she is the best female musician in Ghana.

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