Facebook user descends on Shatta Mitchy for disturbing Ghanaians with her ‘kiosk’

Pub and Grill

Facebook commentator, Shayc Babas has lashed out at Shatta Mitchy for opening a kiosk as pub in the nations capital, Accra. 

Yesterday, the queen of the Shatta Movement empire opened her new pub to the public.

But pictures of the pub online does not commensurate the amount of money shatta Wale always boast of having and social media users cannot think far about it.

One individual who could not fathom why after all the ‘noise’ the pub Sturned out to be just a kiosk is Shayc Babs.

He posted “The so-called Diamonds Pub & Grill SHATTA WALE have been making noise about! Upon all his mystery $1M mansion this is what he could set up for his baby mama. One of my focal lenses who happens to be a citizen of East Legon was there to spy on how the atmosphere was at the opening of this over hyped kiosk and this is what my anonymous peep has “I was there yesterday. The place was very dull and almost no one cares to buy a drink”. He added “People were just standing there watching”. Smh I was speechless

Pub and Grill

His post attracted several others who were disappointed in Shatta Mitchy for putting up a kiosk and making a lot of notice about it.

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