Era of Dud cheques: Sports Obama recounts how he got embarrassed after a business man gave him a dud cheque


In a week where Did cheques have become the center of discussions and will be throughout the week, Journalist Saddick Adams shares an experience he had with dud cheques.

In a post on Facebook, the sports journalist recounted the embarrassment in faced after a cheque issued to him by a big business man bounced and oo the teller that attended him was a lady.


The first time I heard of a dud cheque, was some 3-4 years ago. A certain wealthy radio station owner had all but convinced me to join his station from where I worked. Despite having a year remaining on my contract, he was ready to pay off. After discussing terms and conditions on phone, we finally met one night. Very late. Hehe. He picked me in his big car that also had his wife. They blew me air condition like crazy. I think the temp was 6 degrees. As he drove to his house, himself and the wife kept flattering and making some promises I sheepishly believed. Charlie, na I make lɛɛɛm for the back seat.

Though I was at first hesitant about the move, I was now overwhelmingly convinced and set to do it. We reached his house, he signed a cheque and the first tranche blew my mind (In Kennedy Agyapong’s voice). He told me to start work early the next day.

Meanwhile, I had not informed my current employers. I caught a taxi home, paid him without asking for change. I was a imaginary billionaire that night Jack. I didn’t eat, but I wasnt hungry. As I touch my room, I began to write my resignation letter. I was going to flash it early following day before going to the bank.

I didn’t sleep that night. I had already made expenses on the cash and drew the budget. The next morning, I carried a big school bag to the office. I was going to hand the letter and then proceed to cash the cheque.

Then I had a second thought (I think my grandfather’s ghost spoke to me). Why not cash first before the letter? Yes, that was a good idea. As early as 7:30am, I was in front of the bank that opens at 8:30am. One house was short. My big school bag still at my back.

8:35am, first customer, yesss. I moved, dropped the cheque on the counter, looked at the letter and stood still. “Gentleman, take a seat as I work on it for you”, she said. I walked majestically to the seat, leaned luxuriously on the couch and picked a newspaper like a billionaire checking the latest stock exchange. Of course I was one, or almost one.

5 minutes, no call. 10 minutes, still no sign. Well, I thought the money was big so they needed more time.

Then came the voice, “Mr Adams”, Yes ma’am, I

Walked to the counter with my school bag. Ah. She still held the cheque. No cash.

She raised the cheque and said, “Sorry sir, this cheque is a DUD cheque. The account has not even been operated for 3 years. You have to take it back. Sorry”.

Bue. This man. So that is the reason why he told me to go to work in the morning before going to the bank? So I could be crippled? Oh I see.

As I walked out the bank, shame had bathed me. I could see the teller smile. My school bag that was previously weightless had become so heavy I wanted to even throw away. Apparently I wasn’t the first victim. I kept to myself and went back to my office bleooo.

The night before, I was like Dangote. The next morning, I became my real self.

Not a dream. Courtesy a dud cheque. ExpeLience no nti sesei mani da hɔ rough.

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