Ebony Reigns discloses what she will do to her breast when it starts sagging and it’s an epic strategy

Ebony Reigns

Dancehall artiste,Ebony Reigns has said when she flaunts her breast during her youthful days and the breast starts sagging as she ages, she will resort to putting on Brassieres to support the sagging bread to make it attractive.

“Oo yes we will just keep it intact.  I will wear bra so that it will look presentable. We will  make sure we do our best to keep it still attractive even in my old age.”

According to the artiste who has said she loves sex and is very sexual on stage, her sexually suggestive stage craft is part of her craft and even if her breast which she flaunts on several occasions starts sagging she will put on a brassiere to support it.
She indicated that she will never in her life regret being sexually seductive because it is part of her work and she will do it to the latter to ensure she achieves what she has set out to achieve as an artiste.

“First of all, I don’t see myself regretting anything that I am doing right now because it is all part of the work and that is how I am. If I was living a different life and selling a different kind of life in my music that I would have regretted but since I am living my life musically, I am not bothered.” she told Delay.

She also indicated that she is a “stubborn kid” who does not care what people will say about her provided she thinks what she is doing is right.

On the risk of been raped because of her sexual mannerism on stage, she indicated that she will not get raped because her management ensures that there is maximum security anytime she performs and they are very circumspect with the number of people who they invite on stag.

Ebony who has in some time past said brassieres are overrated and not as important like it is been portrayed  expressed her optimism at winning all the categories she has been nominated for in the 18th edition of Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

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