#WaTryButStill: 5 Ghanaian artistes who have worked hard over the years but have still not earned the recognition


In Ghana, the music industry is such that even if you are not good, creating a vibrant fan base will push your music and whatever that you do to the next level. There are just a few musicians in the country who do not have a serious fan base but have made it in the industry.

Another thing is if you fail to do music that the people can relate then you are better off not doing it at all.
The music industry has in every year produced new entrants some of who come to stay and some of who are there without the needed recognition.
Today, let’s walk you through five artistes who could have been the talk of town but are hidden just because they have been unable to create a fan base and do not give their music the needed time.
Chase is a fine gentleman whose music could make you fall in love all over again. He is a talent beyond bounds considering the kind of songs he has released and written since he announced his presence in the music industry. However, Chase has since coming into the music scene not been rated A –class not because he is not good but because he has failed to go the Ghanaian way. He does not have a fan base and hardly do you hear him promoting his songs and for this reason “wa try saa nso still he is underground”.
Gemini we all know has his A-game on when it comes to rap music. However, his kind of rap does not resonate with the Ghanaian public which is his target audience. He will rap for twenty hours and you cannot hear the words not to talk of relating to it. Gemini has got the talents but since Ghanaians cannot relate with him, “wa try saa nso still he is an underground”.
When he started music he produced some few songs which got Ghanaians dancing. However, he has still not been rated A-class although he has become one of Shatta Wale’s ‘boys’. For Pope Skinny, he has all the resources at his disposal but he has failed to create a fan base for himself and is however rather part of another artiste’s fan base hence “wa try saa nso still he is underground”.
In Ghana, it takes devine Grace for a musician to leave the system, go hiding and come back to produce songs and regain the love back. In Ghana, your consistency over the years with producing songs and performing at shows gives you the recognition and the acceptance from the people. This is what Quata has missed although he has tried his best since he came back from hiding. He tried hitting on the best upon his return but that didn’t seem to work out well for him so “wa try saa nso still he is underground”.
Okra Tom Dawid
Okra was the toast of town during the days when he was producing some good music. People fell for him because of his distinct voice that set him at par from th others. However, Okra Tom Dawid has not been seen much although he produces music. He has tried his best to get heard but have since not been able to be heard because he has not been able to create a fan base and his music does not resonate with Ghanaians. “wa try saa nso still he is underground”.
Let’s continue with this next week as we bring you more on the “wa try saa nso still he is underground”.

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