OPINION: Ola Michael must stop the noise and open his eyes to the opportunities in Facebook movie streaming

Ola Michael

Popular Ghanaian influencer with a huge following on Facebook, Kelly Nii Lartey Mensa, has weighed in on the ongoing somecast of Kumawood movies on social media.

In a short Facebook post, Kelly, asked movie maker Ola Michael to “stop the noise and open his eyes to the opportunities in Facebook movie streaming”.
Read his full post here (unedited): 

The ills and deleteriousness that have been killing Ghana’s film industry is exactly what Ola Michael exhibited on live radio and on social media concerning somecast of kumawood movies by Daakyehene. 
Movie sales are perilously low and so producers world over are looking for innovative ways to distribute to make income. I’m not saying streaming movies without permission on social media is right, but it’s innovative and revolutionary as well. Change must come, but most of the times it comes with adversities so what we need to do is avoid throwing away the baby with the dirty water or allowing other babies with sharp teeth to devour it on the playground.
As daring as it sounds to stream movies on facebook, it is really a smart move and Facebook users obviously love it. So let’s devise ways of commercialising it instead of threatening to kill the inventor to the idea.
It’s is proactive and visionary thinking in a today’s digital era especially now that Facebook is testing ad breaks in videos, this is a gold mine. Facebook ad breaks, if started will give 55% of the revenue generated on such videos to publishers and they will keep 45%. Ola Michael you don’t need to kill this guy, you need him to teach you and other producers how to figure the technology out, while you also advise him on how to get rights to show videos on social media.

Let’s think smarter, devoid of emotive and fallacious populous sentiments;

1. How can producers insert ads in these movies to be somecasted?
2. How do we encourage more of movie somecasting with easy licensing?
3. How do we get ourselves ready to take advantage of facebook ad breaks?
What the industry need is revolutionary and innovative ideas, not threats!!

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