NPP thieves fighting for government appointments to steal State money – Kwame A Plus

Kwame A Plus

Sympathizer of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Kwame A plus has bemoaned the scramble for political appointment by some members of the political party.

According to him, individuals lobbying in the name of wanting to serve their people are hungry individuals who want to steal state funds to satisfy their selfish interest rather than the people they claim they want to serve.
He posted on Facebook that:” The most annoying ones are the MCEs and DCEs. Just because you speak on radio for NPP you think you can be a minister or public office holder? If it’s not to steal money why will all of you be fighting over positions? Must you fight over positions just to serve Ghana? Is serving Ghana by force?
He, however, reminded the NPP that he came on board just to get the President elected and since his mandate has been fulfilled, he does not really care whether they go to opposition in the coming days.
“Some of us wanted Nana Addo to be president because of the vilification he went through in the hands of the NDC babies with sharp teeth. Now that he is president the party can go to opposition tomorrow I careless.”
In an earlier post, the musician mentioned that the scramble for power by every member of the party is evident that the party’s power will last for four years hence the need for everyone to be appointed before they leave power next four years.

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