#NowhereCool: M.anifest shames fan who tried to outsmart him


“If you are smart, I advise you to stay out of M.anifest’s boundary or territory” – these were my words a few months ago but it seems one of the fans of M.anifest didn’t see that.

One of ‘Manifans’ whose Twitter username is @oehene tried to play smart on the “god MC” rapper but got thwarted.

In a tweet, this fan claimed had purchased M.anifest’s “Nowhere Cool” album and enjoying it. Meanwhile, his playlist had a free music download website’s logo on it.

That’s where he was caught.

M.anifest immediately quoted his tweet and shamed him. M.anifest tweeted: “Ei transaction between u and who? I no bore say you download am free. But in that case you no for monopolise nor give we toli. #Nowherecool”

He was still bold to defend himself and claimed there was a ‘data’ transaction when he downloaded so it’s equivalent to purchasing the album.

He was really bashed! Just enjoy the drama here.


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