“Don’t mind the frustrated refugee, Comedian Hogan” – David Mawuli

David Mawuli
David Mawuli

Celebrity Blogger, David Mawuli is infuriated with comments by Ghanaian based Nigerian Comedian, Comedian Hogan that Ghanaian bloggers do not support the career of artiste.

Comedian Hogan in a post on his Facebook timeline mentioned that Ghanaian bloggers only write stories that will destroy the career of artiste rather than blog posts which will help them propel their career.

The Nigerian based comedian who has enjoyed the support of Ghanaian bloggers since he started his career urged Ghanaian bloggers to balance their blog posts and not write only about the negatives.

But responding to the comedian, Celebrity Blogger David Mawuli noted that Ghana has become too cheap that foreigners come in here to insult people in the country.

He indicated that the comedian has received enough support from Ghanaian bloggers and the best thing he could have done was to keep quiet if he does not intend to praise them for their contribution to the growth of his career.

He posted “Comedian Hogan was rejected in his own home Nigeria. He came to Ghana and got support from everyone including bloggers. Instead of shutting up his cakehole and enjoy the privilege no other refugee will get, he is here insulting BLOGGERS. Ghana has become so cheap that any foreigner can open his/her mouth and rain insults on us? Like really? Zionfelix Nana Yaw Adomako don’t mind that frustrated refugee.

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