David Mawuli jumps to the defence of Otiko Djaba

David Mawuli

Over the weekend, there were reports on several news websites pointing to the fact that the Minister for Gender Children and Social protection reiterating the need for young girls to avoid wearing dresses that will expose some parts of their body to attract rapist to themselves.
However, this comment of her’s won her some criticism on social media as people could not fathom why she would advise JHS students not to wear a dress that exposes some parts of their body.
But one individual who has come to the defence of the Minister is celebrity blogger, David Mawuli. In a post on Facebook, David Mawuli could understand why people will criticize the Minister for having their welfare at heart.
He posted “Ghanaian mothers always call their daughters and advice them to dress modestly. These same girls are advised in church and school, and they shut up! But Otiko Djaba reiterated the same thing and these girls are going nuts on social media. Otiko, who has gone through a lot in our society only said be cautious and you think it’s a sin? I am not saying you can be raped for free…all I am saying is be careful. You can wear what you want and that’s your life but always remember that it’s not all men who have got the common sense to know that every girl owns her body and can do what they like. You all know stealing is unlawful but you have gates and doors in your homes. Protect your body just like you protect your material things. Don’t let us wait for the damage to occur before we try hard to rectify”.
The Blogger has in some time past expressed his love for the Minister and we wonder if this is his objective opinion on the issue or it’s because he has a soft spot for the minister.
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