COCOBOD 70K Salary: Facebook users ask if the CEO is Tetteh Quarshie

Cocoa Ghana

Yesterday, the new Board Chairman of COCOBOD, Hackman Owusu Agyemang mentioned that the CEO of COCOBOD receives a gross salary of 70,000.

This has angered Ghanaians who think they have been shortchanged because farmers who work their heart out to produce cocoa receive meager sums of money.

1. This guy is just shocked

2. Hon. at his satirical best

3. This guy thinks that is even small as compared to what others in some institutions are taking

4. Heheehe she is really shocked and ask if he is Tetteh Quarshie

5. Too bad to be a Ghanaian

6. This guy thinks it is bad business

7. Ghana is sick definetely

8. Ghana compared to USA

9. Speaking for the poor Ghanaian.

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