Big stories this week you need to know of

Shatta Wale

This week was one which served the country with an increasing number of beef.  No one knows whether Ghana has become the leading importer of beef but that has been the order of the day. 

Well, discussions in the political arena was centered on the budget of the NPP’s Akufo-Addo led administration which has introduced a host of tax reliefs with the aim of helping to develop the private sector in the country.

Now back to our focus which is entertainment and social media.

This week has been great for Ghana music considering the fact that some players dominated the headlines even on the international media.
Let’s go through this week’s big stories.

1. Shatta Wale beef Yaa Pono

They dominated the headlines and had the relevant interviews through this week because they were engaged in social media exchanges and a lyrical war. The Genesis of their banter was when Yaa Pono was denied the opportunity to perform at Shatta Wale’s show in Cape Coast although he had been billed to perform. After several indirect reactions, Yaa Pono dared Shatta Wale to insult him like he does to other people on Facebook livestream. Knowing Shatt Wale, he responded and the fight got murcky with the recording of so not cool diss tracks. Other artistes have also joined the fight against Shatta Wale.

2.  Quata diss Sarkodie

Quata after his return has tried his best to ride on Sarkodie to make him relevant again. He fired some shots at Sarkodie calling him a coward rapper. Thos week he released ‘Death to Sarkodie’ a diss song to ignite a beef between him and Sarkodie.

3.  Bibi Bright, Akufo-Addo’s daughter appointed to the creative arts council

Ghana woke up to the news that daughter of the president has been appointed alongside Bibi Bright and Mark Okraku Mantey to the Creative arts council. Although people think Gyankroma Akuf-Addo does not deserve to be on the council,  the Minister as defended her appointment.

4. Sista Afia signs contract with guys who are not her boyfriend before sex

Well, you may know her for kissing people she comes into contact with.Now she says she can agree to have sex if you are not her boyfriend or husband by signing a contract with you.

5.  DM Network signs 4ties

Mother company of signed hip hop artiste,  4ties at an undisclosed amont. DM Network will manage his brand but will consider extending the contract after a year.

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