6 Ghanaians whose death came as a shock


Today I walk you through some Ghana “stars” whose death shook the country at a moment when we thought they were climbing up the ladder and could revive the sinking entertainment industry. Their death sparked numerous controversies and various stories popped up as the cause of their death.

Suzzy Williams

Suzzy Williams

She was an actress who graced the screens with her beauty. Suzzy Williams is remembered for roles she played in movies such as The sisterhood, a touch of love. It was riveting to see her play the bad girl in the campus series sun – city and the popular things we do for love. On September 8, 2005 Suzzy lost her life through an automobile crash. Ghana’s Art center refused to allow her remains to lay in state fearing it would be unable to accommodate the larger number of mourners. After Suzzy Williams death, stories about her use of drugs came up. It was rumoured that she was high on drugs and that led to her crashing to death. Stories also had it that she and her lover who were driving were drunk whiles driving hence the accident that took her life.
Terry Bonchaka

Terry Bonchaka

Born Terry Nii Okang Mensah Adjetey, Terry Bonchaka shot to fame in the early 2000s. He produced hits that got every Ghanaian dancing. He is remembered for raising his leg as a dancing style and his distinct voice. Bonchaka sadly died on October 30, 2003 after he had performed at Akuafo hall in the University of Ghana. After his death, there were accusing hands pointing to people as cause of his death. It was believed that since Bonchaka was just 21 when he died, he was murdered by some personalities in the music industry who envied his fame.
Bob Santo


Santo if alive would have been one of the great Kumawood actor. The deminutive actor cm comedian got Ghana cracking when he featured in the popular “keysoap concert party on GTV”. Santo was a figure to watch because he dazzled in all movies he featured in during his time on earth. Bob Santo was known for movies such as OTOLEGE, DOUBLE SENSE and SIKA SUNSUM. After Santo died in 2002, rumours had it that he had swallowed pellets of cocaine and they had burst in his stomach. However, the doctor who took care of Bob Santo came out to debunk the allegation. Santos death had a great toll on the local language movie industry as it took years to find a replacement for such a comical character.
Kwame Owusu Ansah

Kwame Owusu Ansah

Kwame Owusu Ansah was the darling boy of his time. He was the Dumelo in the early 2000. Roles he played won him the heart of movie lovers in Ghana. Kwame died from a road accident in 2008 and his death brought about a great rift between the two and English actors. Kwame’s funeral also faced numerous hitches due to the fact that media houses and individuals present were expected to get accredited before they attended. His death adversely affected the movie industry.
Olasty Bingo


This musician was the second half of the group TH 4 Kwages, the Takoradi-based hiplife duo. Olasty Bingo died after he complained of a stomach. His death brought about the death of the group which took Ghana music by storm in the early 2000. His death shocked Ghanaians because he was not really sick for a very long time but died upon short complaint of stomachache.
Komla Dumor

Komla was a broadcaster with the British Broadcasting corporation. His exploits as a journalist sold the country Ghana and he was a delight to watch anytime. Komla’s hardwork won him the admiration of most Ghanaians .However, his stay on earth was shortlived as he dies very young from Cardiac attack. His death took the country by storm that people could not control themselves.
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