4 Jon Benjamin Moments Ghanaians will certainly miss when he is gone

Jon Benjamin

Jon Benjamin, the current British High Commissioner to Ghana is an individual the country will miss when he leaves Ghana after his tenure ends in some months to come.

The British High Commissioner who is known to add his voice in every national discourse has had his highs and lows since coming to Ghana.

He is one individual who hits the nail on the head and will troll you upon the slightest mistake you commit.

Today, let’s walk through some Jon Benjamin moments in Ghana that you will certainly miss when he is finally gone.

1. His call on GFA to invest monies sent from FIFA to the football association on grassroots football. 

He said: “I think we heard just this week at the FIFA congress that its annual contribution to organizations such as the GFA is about to increase – I think the figures I heard was from $400,000 to $1.2 million. So, that’s a very large increase. That sort of money in Ghana can make a huge amount of difference if it’s invested in grassroots football, football pitches or training facilities just football equipment for poor communities. That money could go a very long way. “I wait to see the results of it and I don’t think it’s for me as an outsider or a foreigner to say what it should be used for, but I think the intention originally of that sort of FIFA sponsorship of FA’s was to support grassroots football and a vast majority of countries around the world including of course Ghana and my own country have football as by far their favourite and number one sport. There is a big thirst for investment in grassroots football at every level and all around the country so that’s what we hope will come out of this larger investment by FIFA.” This comment of his led to a “brawl” literally between him and the FA officials.

2. When he was on the case of Angel Obinim.

Jon Benjamin, everyone knows is not a fan of the only Angel God has sent to the Ghana in these trying moments, Angel Daniel Obinim. Well, Jon took on Obinim after the NCA closed down his television station. Jon savage tweet read “Oh no – Obinim’s TV channel has been taken down? Maybe he can reappear in animal form on Discovery Channel?”, which meant the angel who usually turns into animals of all kinds could appear on Discovery TV which is a TV station that explores the animal kingdom.

3. When he asked whether the harmattan had been commissioned by ‘someone’ and faced the wrath of Ghanaians.

The High commissioner faced the wrath of Ghanaians for indirectly ‘insulting’ their president. For this tweet, he was asked to apologise and Ghanaians dealt with him on social media and other media platforms.

4. When he teased John Dumelo about his alleged stealing of State Owned V8.

Jon has a way of trolling such that it does not appear as a direct troll. He trolled John Dumelo with this punch tweet saying “Off to a baby naming ceremony in Tema at my good friend’s Golda Addo @GHANAmomoni. I’m in a non-V8 car which hasn’t been spray-painted”.

The diplomat has been more than a diplomat since e came to Ghana and has contributed to the national discourse. Like him or hate him he has paid his dues to Ghana and needs to be applauded for that. At least, he handled GFA.

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