Video: Shatta Wale cuts Okraku Mantey to size for saying he does not do Dancehall music

Shatta Wale

Self-acclaimed Dancehall King, Shatta Wale, has descended heavily on music producer and artiste manager, Mark Okraku Mantey for saying he (Shatta Wale) is not a dancehall artiste.

Mark Okraku Mantey in an interview with Bola Ray on StarrChat mentioned that although Shatta Wale parades himself as a Dancehall artiste, he does not do real dancehall.

The comments by Mark Okraku did not go down well with the self-acclaimed dancehall king who in a Facebook live stream have used some unprintable words against the veteran music producer.

He described Okraku Mantey as a poor and a village raised man who wears only used dresses from Kantamanto at his old age.

“You Mark Okraku do you know you are a block headed guy? Do you know you are a villager? Check the shoes you wear, they buy for you to wear. Check you khaki it is Kantamanto where you buy your things. You cannot even buy expensive dresses to wear and you come on the radio to insult me.”

He noted that when he released Dancehall King, Mark Okraku was pessimistic of him making it but he was able to promote his song mentioning that the stone that they rejected is now the cornerstone.

“When I released Dancehall King you said my career is dead and it won’t be a hit. You know he distributed my Bandana song but when I went to his office to check for my sales he directed me to his accountant who told me that someone is helping me and I want to know my sales. They said as for Bandana he does not respect so we should leave him but you see I who was rejected is now the cornerstone.”

He indicated that the industry does not need such people like Mark Okraku who are just there to destroy the industry with their envy and hatred.

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