Shatta Wale just revealed the real reason why Lord Kenya gave his life to Christ

Shatta Wale

Self-acclaimed Dancehall king Shatta Wale has disclosed that Lord Kenya turned to God because of the frustration he went through under his manager, Mark Okraku Mantey.

“You people should not think Lord Kenya is a Pastor, he gave his life to God because he regrets the frustrations so-called industry players made him go through. They did not show him the right way so the best person he could go to was God.”

Shatta Wale who was replying Mark Okraku for saying he is not a dancehall artiste indicated that the “music Industry” is riddled with hypocrites and people who envy the progress of others.

He noted that people like Mark Okraku and his cohorts are reasons why some legendary artistes cannot feature on one song.

“In the industry, there is a lot of envy and that is why Daddy Lumba cannot feature Kojo Antwi. Go and check the archives and see whether something like that has ever happened? It cannot happen because of the sick music industry.”

He noted that the deeds of Mark Okraku and his like have left some music artistes crying but because of they cowards, they cannot make their plight known to the world.

He warned the music producer never to mention his name on any platform.

Meanwhile, Mark Okraku Mantey in an interview on Starrchat with Bola Ray last week indicated that Lord Kenya does not make it to the list of top ten selling artistes when he ranks all the artistes he has managed.

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