Letter To Shatta Wale: Should it always be about money?


Shatta Wale

Hello Shatta Wale,

We are grateful to God for your ‘riches’ and the life you live. We are most grateful for showing us the light as the youth  to work hard and walk ourselves out of poverty and loneliness like you did as a ghetto youth. 

Sir, making it big after re-branding as an artiste is no joke and it tells of the seriousness with which you came back after the brand Bandana could not sell you to the world and did not resonate with the masses.

From then, you have amassed a lot of wealth like you always say in your songs and messages you put out there to the public to tell the ghetto youth of the need to use their talents to eradicate poverty from their life.

But sir,should it always be about the money for you?

You are a show mover and a hitmaker, no doubt about that but really, when you are out of the system on retirement  will much be remembered of you?

The sad answer for this will be a big no!

This is not because you have not paid your dues to the industry or you do not produce good songs but the ‘pride’ you have decided not to Burry and your frequent disaffection for the organisers of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards which is by far the most ‘credible’ award scheme in the country and other people in the industry.

We acknowledge that you have done enough to gain nominations at this year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards but that effort has not been enough with your choice of words you always use against the organisers you have hurt in times past.

People like Stephen Appiah made money from their trade which is football but even after he has left the scene, he is celebrated for some milestones he achieved for the country one of which is been the first captain to qualify the country for her first World Cup.

Sir, what will we remember you for?

We will just celebrate you like any other rich man out there in the country who also motivates the youth to work at making life better for themselves. We will talk about your riches like any other rich Ghanaian.

However, when you are gone, we will not remember you nor your works because it did not earn any recognition in the country. We will forget you like we did to Terry Bonchaka (may his soul rest in peace) although he was the biggest thing in music before he passed on.

You and other people may argue that awards and recognition does bring money to your pocket neither does it put food on your table.

But the truth is your fans want to celebrate your achievements in music, they want to be the talk of town and be part of a holistic history and not only money history. Don’t be like the current Black Stars players who are not remembered for their laurels won for their country but are known worldwide for their love for just the money.

Good you are reminding the ghetto youth of the need to prevent themselves from engaging in crime but rather put their talent to a good use but sir, you need to make your history one that will be remembered  and not just celebrated.

                                                                                                                               Your fan,


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