Jon Benjamin in Twitter brawl with C.E.O of Bamba Records, tells him “stay off my TL”

Jon Benjamin (left) and Kassim Bamba (right)
Jon Benjamin (left) and Kassim Bamba (right)

Every culture or religion comes with its rules and principles which have been carried along since its birth till today but that is not the case for Jon Benjamin.

The British High Commissioner to Ghana has yet again engaged in a Twitter brawl and this time, with the C.E.O of Bamba Records, Mr Kassim Bamba.

Benjamin raised the alarm on Twitter on Friday, when he decided to delve into ‘shared responsibilities’ in marriage – especially in Ghanaian home.

A panellist, Gwen, on Joy FM’s ‘Home Affairs’ programme advised Ghanaian women to be submissive to their husbands. She said: “Women must learn to be submissive to their husbands. It is every woman’s primary responsibility.”

In response, Benjamin tweeted: “So sad to hear a GH woman asserting this. Equality, shared responsibility and mutual respect in marriage – yes; submission – no!”

This prompted his Twitter followers to dig into the issue and one of them happens to be Kassim Bamba.

Kassim responded to Benjamin’s tweet saying: “we don’t have share responsibility in Gh… man takes full responsibility…this is not UK”.

This annoyed Bejamin so he messaged him and asked him to ‘stay off” his timeline, and further described Kassim’s comments as ‘superficial moral lectures’.

Interestingly, Kassim was ‘submissive’ to his despotic direct message by unfollowing him immediately.

Here is what went down in their DM.

Jon Benjamin’s DM to Kassim Bamba

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