“I gave Alabaster Box the opportunity to make money with their talent” – George Quaye

George Quaye

George Quaye, the PR of Charterhouse Ghana, has responded to
claims by Gospel group Alabaster Box that he once asked for kickback after
giving them a deal.

Samuel Nii Narku Dowuona, a group member of Alabaster Box,
took to Facebook to narrate an incident in relation to bribery allegations being
held against George Quaye in recent times. Narrating the incident, Samuel said George
gave them a jingle deal from Lifebouy Soap but after the deal was sealed,
Geroge called him on phone and asked him for a share of the money accrued from
the deal.
Samuel dared George to come out clean in his post. But,
George swerved the question by denying the transaction adding that, he is glad
he gave the group the opportunity to make money with their talent.

George wrote: “Just so
we are clear, I don’t remember this transaction. But glad I gave you and your
group an opportunity to use your talents to make some money. I’ve been with
Charterhouse for 11 years. I’ve dealt with many artistes on many jobs so please
understand if I don’t remember this one. But, Lol…Samuel, did you say I
collected bribe/kickback from you, attempted to, negotiated it, demanded it or
suggested it? Exactly what are you saying please and how much did you end up
paying eventually?”

Alabaster Box
Samuel also counteracted saying: “First of all GQ never played any role in bringing Alabaster Box to
fame. We had something your clients needed. Charterhouse paid for it and we
delivered. Let’s get the narrative right and stop this impression that someone
was in some obscurity and you brought them to the limelight.

Secondly, I never said
any money was paid. I narrated an incident and asked a question. Very simple.”
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