Choosing Don Moen over our own artistes is demeaning – David Mawuli

David Mawuli

Celebrity Blogger, David Mawuli has said Ghana has demeaned herself for inviting a foreigner to headline a concert to commemorate her anniversary.

Renowned American worship leader, Don Moen, will be in Ghana to perform at the International Gospel Concert on 7th March, 2017 to commemorate Ghana’s 60th-anniversary celebrations. The event, to be held at the Independence Square in Accra will the third major gospel concert headlined by the “God will make a way” singer after previous ones in 2013 and 2015.

But in a Facebook post, the celebrity Blogger mentioned that the country is blessed with music greats who could equally headline such concerts meant to commemorate the country’s 60th anniversary.

“Ghana is 60 and thank God we still have great music legends who are still alive. We have some 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s legends who can give foreigners a piece of Ghana’s rich arts. What happened to Elder Mireku, Daughters of Glorious Jesus, to mention a few?”

He indicated that the platform could have not only sold these individuals but also put the Ghanaian culture on a higher pedestal and promote our culture which faces huge challenges when it comes to marketing it.

A sad David Mawuli could not fathom why as a country, we continuously demean ourselves and think foreigners are always better than our own people.

“Man, this is INFRA DIG. We have demeaned ourselves to the cheapest level. Whoever is organising this has insulted the entire nation and thrown our beautiful arts into the gutters.”

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