Bulldog jabs Shatta Wale for being a braggart?


Artiste Manager, Bulldog after he parted ways with Shatta Wale has said he will never come back to manage the artiste even if the money is really good.

Shatta Wale on the other hand is always seen in especially interviews and Facebook live-stream blowing his own trumpet and telling the world about things he has done and is doing for himself.

Shatta Wale boast of buying a mansion, building houses and buying other properties including cars. He always talks about the latest addition, his Shatta Bitters brand which is currently being activated in various parts of the country.

Shatta Wale in a recent interview on Vibes In 5 indicated that artistes who have been nominated for the VGMAs are not serious people because they do not have money, cars and other properties like he does.

In the same interview, the SM boss indicated that although he is rich, he wants to buy a private jet before he will call himself a star.

But in a seemingly indirect post on Facebook, artiste manager, Bulldog took a swipe at Shatta Wale for bragging about his achievements.

To him, people who have achieved nothing in their lives are the ones who rather boast of doing big things and that success speaks for itself than the vice versa.

He posted: “People who spend a great deal of time explaining themselves about their exploits, in fact have done very little than the volume they put into words…
Indeed, if you have accomplished, SHUT UP! Your endeavours will speak for themselves…

With his post coming in at a time Shatta Wale keeps bragging about his worth, do you think it is directed at him?

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