Artiste of the Year: Winners for the past two years won because they are bootlickers

Shatta Wale

Self-acclaimed Dancehall King, Shatta Wale has described Artistes of the Year for the past two years as bootlickers who are not serious about the career.

According to him, the artistes were crowned just to spite him, Shatta Wale, and are aware that they do not deserve the mantle because they have not worked like he has.

“Like how the previous two years have gone by and still they are trying to fix people to make them look like they are supposed to be there but there cannot be there when you force there to be there.”

“All those artistes who have been crowned artistes of the year know that it is not for them. Someone like Stonebwoy knows it is not for him but they did it to spite Shatta Wale. That year, my songs were hitting. Somebody like EL knows he cannot be an artiste of the year. I have been the artiste of the year because constantly for three years I have been producing hits,” the SM boss told Vibes In 5.

He mentioned that most of the artistes in Ghana lick asses in order to win awards but are not the true reflection of what is going on in the music industry.

He noted that regardless of the awards, some of these artistes still organise shows and people do not attend them because their work does not resonate well with the people.

“Up till now these people do shows and people don’t attend, those people do stuff and people don’t attend and promoters are watching them. You know the corporate bodies keep doing it and they are seeing that it is not going on well. They are forcing there to be there but there is not there. It is like you are trying to break a virgin and you are using the back door.”

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