Video: Shatta Wale just made $100,000 for performing at a five year old girl’s birthday and he wants you to know about it

Shatta Wale

One artiste who is always fighting for the wellbeing of music artistes in Ghana is the Dancehall King, Shatta Wale.

He believes artistes are supposed to ‘eat’ from their art than rather stay ‘hungry’ as the case has been in Ghana for so many years in the country’s music industry.

To prove his seriousness with the fight for the well-being of his colleagues, Shatta Wale does not Joke with his charges as he tries his best to make money out of every opportunity that comes his way.

The artiste just shared a video on Facebook of himself flaunting an amount of hundred thousand dollars he just made from performing at the birthday party of a five year old girl.

He posted “We just performed at a 5yr old girl’s birthday party and we got paid $100,000. no long talk ..#ShattaBurna

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