Kofi Kinaata reveals the inspiration behind his hit single ‘SUSUKA’

Kofi Kinaata

In recent times, most old musicians have complained of the content of songs on the music scene with some describing them as ‘Borla songs’ which do not stand the test of time but easily fades away with time.

These ‘critics’ have severally pointed to songs from the older generation which are still appealing to the ear as their basis for the constant criticism of the ‘bad’ content produced in this century.

But High Grade Family’s Kofi Kinaata has disclosed that he wrote his hit song, ‘Susuka’ in order to refute the assertion that the current crop of musicians are lazy and cannot provide good content in their music and just ride on some good beat to produce just anything.

Kinaata who spoke to Bolgatanga-based A1Radio when he was in the Upper East Region to perform at Jams Splash, a program put together on the COS park by Charger limited, producers of Happy Man Bitters said: “I wrote Susuka to erase the perception that the current crop of artistes cannot write good lyrics but just do any song and put it out there for the consumption of the people”.

He expressed his joy at the fact that Susuka made a case for the current crop of musicians considering the reviews it received and the number of awards he has swept with the song saying: “I am happy that the song has succeeded and is gradually changing the perception of people who criticise the current crop of musicians for producing ‘Borla songs’”.

Kofi Kinaata’s ‘Susuka’ has enjoyed a host of reviews and have won him some great number of awards both in Ghana and abroad.

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