Invest in your music and stop seeking for cheap attention – Eze to Ghanaian musicians



Nigerian musician, Jonathan Eze Nwadinobi, has taken a swipe at Ghanaian Musicians for asking their Djs to stop playing Nigerians songs.

There is a campaign by players in the Music Industry to get radio presenters and DJs in the country to play Ghanaian songs rather than songs from other countries.

But Eze in a Facebook post did not seem to like the idea and think Ghanaian DJs will be left with no option  if they stop playing Nigerian music posted “EL said Djs should stop playing naija music and play more Gh music, then I began to visualize Gh without Naija music….. I agree but what will the Djs play???”.

He further indicated that if Ghanaian Musicians do not want to invest in their music and think not playing Nigerian Music on air can make them popular, that will never happen.

He called on Ghanaian musicians to stop copying their Nigerian counterparts and redefine their music in order to succeed in the industry.

“Most Ghana musicians don’t want to die, but want to go to heaven…. u want ur song to hit in naija but u don’t want to invest, u think the only way u can get attention is by stopping naija music in gh
Naija music will never stop dominating Gh until u stop copy copying naija music and redefine ur music. “Soup weh sweet na money kill am””.


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