I am not hungry to go and chase producers for roles-Mr. Beautiful

Mr. Beautiful

‘Former’ Kumawood actor,  Mr. Beautiful has said although his government is out of power and he intends to go back to the movie industry, he will not beg producers for roles.

According to him, he is an actor who has proven himself beyond reasonable doubt that he is ‘competent’ and will therefore not chase producers to feature him in their movies.

“By the Grace of God, i am a good actor and standard practice will show you that I don’t have to chase producers for roles so I won’t chase producers all because my government is out of power.”

The actor who spoke to Kofi Asante on Bolgatanga-based A1Radio indicated that by the grace of God, he is not hungry and that even without roles he and his family will survive.

“My brother, myself and my family we are not hungry. By the grace of God, we are doing very well and so will not go chasing producers. I am not hungry to do that. God will take care of me and my family.”

Mr. Beautiful has been off screens for sometime now and have been actively involved in politics, campaigning for the leading opposition in the country, National Democratic Congress.

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