Guytalk Podcast EP 2: 9 Signs she is cheating on you

Guy Talk

Men are no longer the Alphas of cheating. Research has shown that in the world today, women cheat just as much as, or even more than men. Their secret, they get caught less often.

This episode of Guytalk Podcast talks about the subtle signs that a woman is cheating on you.

Considering how the brains of women seem to be slightly more developed than that of men, remembering more details and all, they seem to be better able to mask the truth and give a more plausible lie for their absences.

Most likely as a response to the incessant cheating of the males. women have evolved to become capable of meting out the appropriate vengeance of their own, cheating on the cheaters.

Considering, however, the fact that society still seems to be more forgiving to men on issues of infidelity, women cheat in less conspicuous ways and get caught less often. Unlike men, who leave traces everywhere and disjointed facts, a woman if she cheats would be able to give a more concrete and believable reason for her absence, and play the emotional game to throw a man off the scent.

This is not to say thy do not leave trails. There are signs that a woman is cheating, and though subtle, are unmistakable pointers to the existence of another lover. From unexplained reasons for not picking a particular call, to little things she doesn’t do, they are indicators that you are not the only one.

Check it out in the podcast below.

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