Don’t be ignorant, you attract your lifestyle, no man will be loyal to a hoe – Fan tells Moesha Boduong

Moesha Boduong

A fan with Instagram handle shes_validd, has told Moesha Boduong that she is an ignorant and naive lady for thinking that all men cheat and that it is not important to leave your man when he cheats.

Moesha last week appeared on Akumaa’s show ‘odo Ahumasoon Adom TV where she mentioned that she will never leave her husband or boyfriend when he cheats on her because all men will cheat.

The actress took the conversation to twitter insisting that it was hypocritical to leave your boyfriend because he cheated on you.

But a fun who did not buy into her argument mentioned that the actress is naive and ignorant. The fun mentioned that “Moesha you’re a very naive girl! One thing you should know is if a man truly loves and respect you he will never cheats on you no matter what! You’re settling for less baby girl… Not all men are honest and not all men cheats it depends on how you treat him! Your mindset is soo rubbish wow! I can’t believe what you posted! Ignorant”

The fun further indicated that people making similar arguments as Moesha have probably never met a guy who has been sincere hence their argument adding that their lifestyle could also be a determining factor.

“And all you ignorant girls siding with her, I bet you’ve never met a guy that has been real with you to the end.. You’ve never met a guy that has loved honoured and respected you before so I can only understand!! But how do you expect a man to love care and respect you when you have a price on your pussy? When niggas are piping you down for the price? Lol goddamn you lot should have a think. You attract your lifestyle Hun no man will be loyal to a hoe same as no hoe will be loyal to a man.”

A photo posted by Moesha Babiinoti Boduong (@moeshaboduong) on Jan 29, 2017 at 2:38am PST

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