Dancehall in Ghana is ‘Asorkpor’ not real Dancehall- David Mawuli

David Mawuli

Founder of and DM Network, David Mawuli, has questioned the kind of Dancehall music produced by Ghanaian Dancehall artistes.

According to David Mawuli, a careful listen to Jamaican Dancehall betrays Ghanaian Dancehall.

The celebrity blogger posted on Facebook that ” When you carefully listen to Jamaican Dancehall and you listen to Ghana Dance hall you would agree with the one who invented the locution: “Ghanaians play too much”.

To David, Ghanaian Dancehall acts rather produce Asorkpor and Afrobeats which is nowhere near Dancehall.

“Our boys are doing some serious Asorkpor and Afrobeats, and they still claim it’s Dancehall. What they are doing is not even close to ‘Afro-Dancehall’. it’s just Asorkpor.

His post however, seem to have gone down well with some Facebook users who think that Ghanaian dancehall artistes need to do more than what they are currently doing.

The issue of Dancehall in Ghana has been discussed on several platforms with most analyst mentioning that Ghanaians should own their own Dancehall.

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