VIDEO: This peace message from actor Akrobeto is the best thing on the Internet right now


Look, if you follow Ghanaian politics too much, you will definitely get ‘broken heart’. 

But don’t worry, if you are still in the political mood because Kumawood actor Akrobeto is here to give you a great laughter that would ease off the tension.

In a viral video which is trending on Facebook, Akrobeto delivered a peace message that got everyone laughing out loud!

He started his hilarious peace message by reciting that National Anthem and said dying peacefully is better than dying through war.

He added that all Ghana needs is peace, not war. Then, he touched on a message that gave us ‘orgasm’. He said: “President John Mahama, if you lose, go and sit down. If you win, eat the presidency. Akufo Addo, if you win the president, eat the president. If you lose, go and sit down.”

Watch the full video here;

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