Video: My inability to vote is painful than losing my son or daughter-Policeman

Electoral Commission

Well, Day two of special voting has also registered a lot of inconsistencies as most security personnel and other special voters have were not able to find their name.

Most of these individuals have expressed their distraught at the Electoral Commission and think it is an attempt by the EC to disenfranchise them.

Of all the complaints on the inconsistencies, one that sounds very worrying is that of a policeman who thinks losing his child is not as painful as being unable to exercise your franchise.

In a video circulating on social media, the man is heard saying that:”I am a citizen of Ghana and that rule of law is there so I have to choose my leader. Masa seriously, if I born and my son or daughter die this will not pain me. If my son or daughter die, it will not pain me like this”.

Video source:Onua FM

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