Twitter sanctions NPP victory dance with #onaapochallenge and you need to see it



In Ghana, expect twitter to always give you the fun of your life anytime situations come up. They set the trends and it goes viral, that is the hallmark of tweeps from Ghana.

There is no dull moment on twitter in Ghana. From Memes to videos to funny comments from tweeps and to trolls, all happens on twitter in Ghana.

The latest trend on twitter is #Onaapochallenge where Ghanaian tweeps are anticipating the victory dance of the supporters of the NPP because provisional results suggest that they are in a comfortable lead and lo! they are doing the dance with Mahama’s popular onaapo song.

Well, see tweets here

Well, the worship version for sunday thanks giving was also not left out

There came the jam for the streets

Then they did not leave out what the ladies will twerk to

The village folks were not left out of the jubilation dance moves

OOO and even their pet is preparing to dance to the victory of Nana Addo

Trust tweeps to remind you of the game. SADA ‘akonfem’ that traveled toBurkina Faso are on their way to Ghana after Akuffo Addo won.


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