Five (5) words made popular by the outgoing NDC government


John Mahama

The NDC have ruled Ghana from 2008 to 2016 and an election is currently ongoing to maintain them or elect a new leader who will give the country a new sense of direction.

A lot of things happened under the NDC administration but today, we will focus on the some words that became popular under the NDC government.

1. Gargantuan

This word although existed but became popular under the NDC administration after a judgement debt of 51.2 million cedis was wrongly paid to businessman Alfred Woyome.

2. Incompetent

Incompetent also existed for ages. However, it became a popular word under the NDC government. The biggest opposition always used the word to describe the Mahama administration. They always said “Incompetent Mahama administration” whenever they complained about how the country was run.

3. Massive Infrastructure

The word massive although popular, the NDC widened its popularity. The President everywhere he went and was touting his achievements always said “massive infrastructural development by the NDC government”.


Well, the NDC popularised the word corridor with their touting of their construction of Eastern Corridor roads. Everywhere you went Mahama he made mention of the Eastern corridor roads that even his communicators picked it up in all their radio, TV and personal interaction with people.

5. Corruption

Yes it was popular but the NDC government made it a word that could be used by a class one kid. The NDC government according to the then opposition was corrupt and was rocked by a lot of scandals.


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