SUDE Wisdom: Top 10 SUDE Motivational Quotes for 2016!

1. If you fail to recognize the importance of selling yourself in all aspects of your life, you stand the chance of being rewarded less than what you are really worth always.

2. They will never pay you enough if they consider you as ordinary.  Unleash your extraordinary being and sell yourself as such.

3. Manage, market and sell yourself very well as though you are the most valuable product in the world and money will follow you everywhere you go.

4. The result of building a strong and positive personal brand is the stress of handling numerous opportunities for massive and unlimited success.

5. The primary objective of marketing and selling is to establish mutually rewarding long-term partnership with clients.
6. Personal branding and preparation will give you power; Practice will get you in the game; and repetition with persistence will make you win as a salesperson.
7. The first task of every salesperson is to sell yourself to yourself and make sure you close the transaction.
8. If they criticize you, it means you have their attention. Make good use of the attention, because it is a requirement for success.
9. When they realize you are winning, most of the people who ignored you in the beginning will show up in creative ways.
10. As a pregnant woman delivers in pain and crowned after with the joy of having a new born baby, so is the journey of an ambitious heart. 
All SUDE™ Wisdom Quotes by Nana Adjei Ampofo – NAAM (Founder & CEO of SUDE Global)

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