Rashida The Black Beauty ‘murders’ Kushman in new diss song called “Malafaka” (WATCH)

Rashida Black Beauty

After an Internet sensation, Rashida ‘The Black Beauty’, went viral with a broken-hearted message for her boyfriend Kushman, she has gone berserk dropping a new diss song titled “Malafaka”.

The song which features newcomer Kooko and an up and coming musician Mr Awesome found itself on the Internet yesterday, and it has gone viral.

Kushman and Abigail

In the video, Rashida played a snippet of the new diss song and rained more insults on Kushman.

A few weeks ago, Kushman reportedly ditched Rashida for another girl only known as Abigail. Rashida got offended and recorded a video to rain insults on him.

Watch the new video below and don’t forget to share your views with us.

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