Ghanaian artistes work hard but radio Presenters don’t support – Enock Agyepong writes


Artiste manager, Enock Agyepong writes:

Observations from the weekend entertainment programs show that over 20 Artist were on various Radio and Tv stations for various interviews to Promote their brands yet studies over the period show that None of them will have their songs played continuously for one week by the same Presenters who Interviewed them.

Sometimes you are tempted to mind your own business when it doesn’t affect you But your brothers sleeping place is also your sleeping place.

Truth is;
If the industry will survive it will depend on our Presenters/DJs/Writers/Bloggers/Radio and Tv Stations etc .

If it will collapse it will depend on these same Presenters. If it will be sold out too it again will again depend on them.

The fact is, our Artist/Brands are working very hard BUT are our Presenters also supporting that hard?

Under normal circumstances, stations pay artist to interview them but here in our abnormal circumstances Artist pay Presenters to get interviewed and even after that they don’t hear their songs being play again by the same presenters.

We all feel proud when we have these big brands on our shows BUT if you don’t promote these small brands to become big how then do you feel proud when they become big.

The excuse of when they become big they don’t respect is well over emphasised and does not even hold water anymore.

You can’t turn someone’s own into your own. You can’t replace your intestines with cotton(Direct translation).

I believe its all about the mindset and I believe we have great talents here that if we make that conscious effort to support trust me Grammys won’t be the limit.

Let’s Promote our own since that’s all we have.

Let’s believe in our Industry.

Let’s approach 2017 with a Conscious, Positive and Patriotic mindset.

#IndustryFirst #OneLove #PHDisDead


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