“Ghana music industry is a poverty stricken industry with a bleak future” – Great Ampong


Isaiah Kwadwo Ampong

Gospel Musician, Isaiah Kwadwo Ampong has described the Ghana music industry as a poverty stricken industry which does not regard the individuals contributing to its growth.

According to him, the country and the music industry celebrates individuals who entertain them but fails to reward them for their efforts they pump into their work.

Ampong who was speaking to Bolgatanga-based A1Radio’s Kofi Asante, mentioned that the disregard in the music industry has left most big names in the industry poverty stricken who are nothing to write home about.

“We are praying the industry grows. In Ghana, the musicians will sing and sing and be celebrated but when you see the person you will be sad. I am a witness to some of these people. When our monies come and we are going to take it and you see the old men and they tell you these guys are legends you will cry for them. In Ghana, our celebrities are not honoured, everybody is indifferent about the welfare of entertainers in the country. Currently, i think the industry does not have a bright future but we are hoping that we things will turn around.”

He recalled that one time in the United States of America he wept when a young boy approached him and told him that he admired him. He mentioned that the boy quizzed him as to whether he has a car and a mansion because his father had a lot of his albums; a clear indication that Ghanaian musicians enjoy the hype but their standard of living does not commensurate the kind of hype they enjoy.

“One time i went to the United States to perform so when i got there a young boy approached me and said he likes my sporting waves hair. He asked me that do i have a lot of cars and a mansion his father has several of my albums but all i could do is to cry, i  cried because you see, we enjoy the hype but we are not honoured with the riches so the young boy thought we had money like our colleagues in America but that is not the case. Ghanaians will hail you but will fail to buy your album to put money in your pocket.”

On his rift with the Daddy Lumba, Ampong mentioned that although Daddy Lumba took the proceeds they made from their album launch, he is rather concentrating on promoting his current album and is grateful to God for the strength he has provided him.

Asked whether he will be willing to take back the money if Daddy Lumba brings it back, Great Ampong said:” he cannot come, if you send a private jet to bring him, he will not agree to come to me”.


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