WATCH THIS: Afia Schwarzenegger takes on Prophet who predicted Hillary Clinton’s win


The World woke up to news of Donald Trump been elected as president of America and this has brought about shock mostly because opinion polls and other indicators prior to the elections indicated that Hillary Clinton will carry the day.

Prior to this day, as accustomed in the African and Ghanaian setting, some prophets prophesied victory for Hillary Clinton but their prophecies have fallen flat.

In this video on her Instagram page, the maverick comedian, Afia Schwarzenegger takes on a prophet who predicted Hillary’s win and mentions that the loss in America means a loss for Akuffo Addo in the upcoming elections because the same prophet predicted a win for him.

Afia who recently got married in South Africa is seen in a JM Toaso shirt singing praises and announcing that it was time for testimony and to put the so-called prophet to shame.

Watch Afia’s reaction here

A video posted by 👑Afia Schwarzenegger 👑 (@afiaschwarzenegger) on Nov 8, 2016 at 11:43pm PST
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