Video: Kwame A Plus shows off his gun and new benz S63; says NDC is stealing from Ghanaians

Kwame A Plus

Controversial comedian and political musician, Kwame A Plus has said the government has given him firearms to protect himself as a citizen of the country.

The comedian who went live on facebook to drum home the need for change in government said “Let me show the people who dey send stupid messages for facebook. We get plenty weapons too for the car inside, government wey he take give we say make we take protect wanna body and if you fool we for kill you. Ibi government give we say make we protect wanna body.”

The NPP sympathizer who was showing off his new Benz S63 indicated that he does not follow the NPP because they give him money but because he believes Nana Addo will take Woyome’s money and better the lives of the average Ghanaian.

He was optimistic that Nana Akuffo Addo was going to win the upcoming election hence the reason behind him declaring his assets to prevent people from saying he is benefiting from the NPP if they win.

The Aben b3 bom hitmaker chided the National Democratic Congress for saying his intention to join the NPP was because the government failed to give him money adding that the NPP’s campaign is a dry one without money.

Bragging about his new benz, A PLUS said “Me sef i wanted to buy maybach”, giving an indication that he is well to do.

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