Photos: Valley View student burns down Hostel Room while smoking weed

Marijuana use has been on the rise in recent times. Research indicates that Ghana tops the list of African countries that consume marijuana the most.

Lately, with the large celebrity endorsement of the drug from across the world, people feel good about getting high and don’t even hide it no more. This canker has taken over social media, Snapchat especially where young students from Ghanaian colleges including ladies feel very comfortable to post snaps and videos of them smoking weed every other day.

A final year student of Valley View whose name is withheld is a chronic weed smoker and known among his peers to be addicted to the drug. On Saturday, 5th November. the student managed to burn down his hostel room after leaving a piece of weed unquenched on his pillow. The bed caught fire minutes after he left the hostel to get some food which then led to the sockets beside the bed and in just a matter of seconds, the entire room was on fire. He lost his TV set, Fridge, Laptop, Clothes and almost every other thing in the room.

Below are pictures of the room after the fire service personnel tried to calm down the situation.

Submitted by Christopher Omane

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